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Alliance of NPO Networks is an apex body of nonprofit networks. The organisation was formed April 2020 as a result ..... Read More


We envision a South Africa where every NPO formation has a voice, the means and the knowledge to address power imbalance to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities andachieving social justice, peace ... Rean More


Support and develop the capacities of the NPOs for more effective participation in decision making processes and influence public and NPO policies by engaging in official
negotiations, deliberations and public mobilization ... Read More

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It is among others, our objective to

Social mobilization programmes

To conceptualise and implement advocacy, and social mobilisation programmes aimed at lobbying for policies which advance the interests of
marginalized (e.g. women, rural, disabled, LGBTI, children, migrants) members of our society.

Assist member network organisations

To assist member network organisations to identify and address opportunities and threats in the socio-economic environment, which may advance or constraint the work of their respective member organisations.

Socio-economic programmes

To initiate, create and execute sectoral socio-economic programmes directly or indirectly, that seek to address community based response to social, health, educational, cultural, religious and or environmental challenges in society.

Seek to influence

To identify, promote and coordinate development priorities and seek to influence government, donors, grantmakers, organised businesses and significant others to support the Alliance’s development agenda.

Creating an enabling environment

To work towards creating an enabling environment by influencing the legislative framework in which NPO/NGOs operate.

Support collaboration

To promote and support collaboration amongst NPOs/NGOs working in the same geographical area or sector.

To encourage close cooperation and stronger working relationship with other NPO sector formations in the country.

The Alliance of NPO Networks as an Apex Body of NPOs/NGOs in the country wishes to extend its hand to other like-minded nonprofit bodies like Patient User Network to join us and work together for the benefit of the NPO community in the country.

Did You Know?

Alliance of NPO Networks is a conglomeration of National NPO Networks in South Africa.

It is an APEX Body of NPO Networks in South Africa.

Currently, the Alliance of NPO Networks has the following NPO National Networks as its members/ affiliates i.e

1. South African NGO Coalition (SANGOCO),

2. South African Congress of NPO’s (SACONO),

3. South African NPO Federation (SANPOF) and

4. South African NPO Congress (NANPOC).

It is a newly formed national Network of NPO Networks.

Its main objective is to advocate for the interests of the entire NPO sector to operate in a conducive and supportive environment.

Its main mandate is to advocate for policy and proper representation of the NPO Sector i

Meet our team.

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Jimmy Gotyana

Jimmy Gotyana

National Convener
Valentia Andrews

Valentia Andrews


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Judith Ramathlakane Sunday

Judith Ramathlakane Sunday

Secretary General

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Pinkie Malepe

Pinkie Malepe



Phyllis Malope

Phyllis Malope

Deputy National Convenor



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